Start Up Bazaar

Entrepreneurship Conclave presents a unique opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative products, pitch to the right set of candidates, and find the right investors, mentors, potential co-workers, and other services that can transform the startup ecosystem.
The conclave is also an opportunity for one-on-one engagements with mentors, experts, investors, and professional service providers in a private online networking space.


  • Can Showcase and Market the Products
  • Selling is not allowed
  • Size: (3 X 2.5) feet
  • A standee and A sun Vinyl Board is allowed

Other Offerings

  • Complimentary 2 tickets (includes one representative and a support person)
  • Networking Lunch

Ticket Pricing:

  • Rs. 12,500+ 18% GST
  • Early Bird Offer Rs. 10,000+ 18% GST
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