About TiECON 2023

The theme for TiECON Chandigarh 2023 this year is INNOVATE, IMPACT & INVEST. This would be the biggest entrepreneurial event in the Northern Region focusing on opportunities and challenges faced by the young and emerging entrepreneurs. TiECON Chandigarh 2023 will feature business leaders from across India and abroad. The day long power - packed summit will include inspiring talks, exciting discussions, motivating mentoring sessions and an opportunity to network with like minded passionate entrepreneurs.

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Pillars of TiE

Tie Pillars

Since 1992. TiE has been supporting entrepreneurs by offering education, mentorship, networking and funding opportunities. The mission of TiE remains to foster entrepreneurship globally through funding, mentoring, networking and education.

TiE is known for mentoring education and networking to help entrepreneurs and those starting new business. Every day, someone is mentored with the TiE ecosystem and guided towards the right path to achieve great heights. Besides creating wealth the organisation also work to alleviate poverty and unemployment by fostering entrepreneurship worldwide.

TiE signature programs includes the TiE Young Entrepreneurship (TYE), which fosters entrepreneurship and education in high school level students, the TiE International Start up Competition (TISC) which aims to nurture college level students and young start-ups TiE Women’s Forum which empowers women entrepreneurs throughout our network and numerous large scale conferences such as TiECON and TiE Global Summit.

TiE conference attendees span the spectrum from successful founders of mature companies, entrepreneurs creating new companies, professional from top corporations leading venture capital firms to thought leaders to senior executives and technology professionals

TiE Chapters often assist start-ups by offering those incubators space or subsidized services by Sponsor and partners.

Several start-ups have received funding and investment from TiE Angel groups in the Network or from Angel Investors. TiE’s success stems from the cycle where chapter member assist younger entrepreneurs with mentoring Investments, networking etc and foster success of younger start-ups in the community.

TiE Membership

TiE Membership

Charter Member
TiE Charter Members (CMs) are successful, high profile entrepreneurs, corporate intrapreneurs and thought leaders, who have reached a stage in their professional life when they are ready, willing and able to contribute to fellow members.

  • TiE CMs are dedicated to the mission of TiE and the virtuous cycle of wealth creation, engaging and giving back to the community.
  • They believe in the merits of capitalism, and have a strong desire to help other entrepreneurs in the community.
  • Charter Membership is by invitation only and subject to a due process prescribed in the TiE bylaws Charter Member Benefits.
  • Charter members benefit by networking with each other They derive satisfaction through helping budding entrepreneurs. They also gain opportunities to participate in start-ups in many ways.
  • Opportunity to participate in monthly events as speakers and/or panel members.
  • Opportunity to serve as mentors to budding entrepreneurs.
  • Opportunity to network with other successful entrepreneurs in the Bay Area.
  • Opportunity to recruit talented members, interns and volunteers.
  • Participate in the leadership and management of TiE at their Chapter or at the Global level through TiE Global.
  • Invitation to attend annual TiE CM Retreat, an exclusive event in a destination to create closer bonds in the CM community.
  • Complementary attendance to all Flagship events hosted by TiE Chapters all over the world
  • Invitation to attend your local Chapter’s exclusive events inviting delegations, entrepreneurship focused organizations, holiday parties and entertainment mixers.

TiE members are entrepreneurs, aspiring professionals, interested in forming a new business, taking their startup to the next level, learning new trends in the marketplace or networking and successfully moving ahead in their careers.

TiE Member Benefits

  • TiE Chapters assist entrepreneurs in their startup journey by conducting meaningful programs and events, as well as providing guidance of mentors at every stage of their company’s life cycle.
  • Opportunity to benefit from Mentoring sessions with experienced and engaging mentors and serial entrepreneurs.
  • Connect with experts, mentors, and Influencers who can support your professional and entrepreneurial aspirations. Engage with members with your interest or domain expertise at TiE chapters around the world.
  • Discounted attendance to TiE events including flagship events, such as TiECON, TiE Global Summit, etc.

Student Member
TiE Students members are enrolled in high school or university students interested in learning about business basics, entrepreneurship and latest trends in the industry.

TiE Student Member Benefits

  • Participate in Student programs such as TiE Young Entrepreneurs, TiE University Cup and others offered at your local Chapter.
  • Learn about Entrepreneurship via Boot-camp sessions, TiE Institute, etc.
  • Opportunity to Listen and learn from Practicing Entrepreneurs at TiE Story sessions.
  • Opportunity to connect with Member and Mentors, many of whom are serial entrepreneurs.
  • Opportunity to Intern at TiE member companies.
  • Discounted attendance to TiE events including flagship events, such as TiECON, TiE Global Summit, etc.

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